I had to fix a bug in Read 2 Mine that would have allowed students to duplicate items!
Check out the YouTube video below!

Read 2 Mine has a new tool available!!
Visit the Great Library to purchase a Grappling Hook with Climbing Rope!!!

Check out the YouTube video explaining how the Grappling Hook works!

Visit the new Petting Zoo at the Great Library!
You can buy new pets, so read more books and earn as many AR Points as you can!!!

Meet the pets:

Every student can get a free in-game Face Mask!
All you need to do is pass at least one AR quiz!

Read 2 Mine is now ready for the 2020-2021 school year!
Keep reading books and have a great year!

• Many new construction blocks are for sale inside the great library!!!
• Fireballs from the Rainbow Sword can no longer destroy admin roads!
• Rainbow Shovel and Rainbow Axe are avaialbe in the Great Library!
• Students can no longer spawn houses overlapping other protected buildings.(even if they own both buildings)
• Magic from rainbow sword can no longer harm players.
• Rainbow Sword now deals 9 melee damage when swung at an NPC!
• Rainbow Sword now casts magic every 5 seconds! (Rather than randomly casting magic)
• A new elemental magic type has been added to the Rainbow Sword: Earth. (Now it randomly casts Earth, Fire, Lightning, or Frost)
• New special effects and graphics have been added to the Rainbow Sword's Magic.
• Magic from the Rainbow Sword now lasts 10 seconds instead of flying through the air forever.
• Magic from the Rainbow Sword moves much faster!
• Bows can no longer target students at the Great Library Server.
• Orb of Lightning can't target students from your school, students in protected areas, or students grades K-3!

A new Spongebob themed area is ready for students to explore!
Visit Bikini Bottom from the Great Library!
Spend emeralds to purchas these new items:
• 2 New hats available!
• Edible Decor items including: Karabby Patty, Krabby Meal, Kelp Bar, and Jellyfish Jelly!
• 6 new houses and buildings have been added! Now you can live in a pineapple under the sea!
• 2 Driveable Vehicles are ready for purchase: Patty Wagon & Boatmobile!
• Many new Spongebob themed furniture and decor items are available!

• Holiday Music now plays in Winter wonderland! Plug in some headphones while you play!
• Tropical Island Music now plays while you explore Tropical Paradise!
• Many new houses and buildings have been added to the Great Library!
• Santa is back, and he's brought new holiday decorations to Winter Wonderland!
• A new Japanese District has been built at the Great Library! Check it out!

Many new holiday decoration items have been added!
You can buy them all in Winter Wonderland!

Visit the new Japanese district at Great Library.
There you will find new buildings and items for purchase!

Many new houses are available for purchase at the Great Library.

Show off your best buildings at the Great Library.
If you buy land there, your home can be seen by students from every school.

Read 2 Mine is now available on Android Smartphones & Tablets!
You can play from home using an Android device and an internet connection!
Simply enter mine.lee.k12.al.us in your phone/tablet's web browser to get started!

Students automatically receive posters to hang on their walls!
Every 5 books that you read earns you a new poster!
Can you earn them all?

Students with the Top 10 Percent of AR Points in their Grade Level automatically receive a Trophy!
Students with Perfect Attendance for the 1st 9 Weeks get 10 Rubies and a Framed Award!

The new Halloween Pumpkin Chest can be purchased in Spooky Town!
It is a large (double size) PROTECTED chest. Other students cannot take items from your pumpkin chest!

Halloween Masks -- There are many new Halloween Masks (HATS) for sale in Spooky Town!
Teleport to Spooky Town from the Great Library!

Spooky Town -- A new area for students to explore!
Only students that have passed 6 or more AR quizzes can teleport to Spooky Town!
4 New houses are available for purchase!

• Read 2 Mine now has background music! Plug in some headphones while you play!
• Fixed a bug that was doubling student's emeralds each time they passed an AR Quiz!
• Students that received too many emeralds have had the extra emeralds removed!

Students can now purchase the plots of land near thier schools!
The cost is 20 emeralds, and the plots are first-come, first-serve.
For now, only one player will be able to build on a plot of land after purchase. Sorry, no sharing!
Students can only buy one plot of land each.

Students that have not passed an AR quiz in over 3 weeks will find that their characters become slower.
Weights are attached to players in-game and the longer it has been since the student passed and AR quiz,
the slower their character will become.

• 3 weeks without passing an AR Quiz = 16% slower character.
• 6 weeks without passing an AR Quiz = 25% slower character.
• 9 or more weeks without passing an AR Quiz = 50% slower character.
Students may see this message after logging into Read2Mine:

Students now earn Rubies by scoring 85% or higher on AR quizzes!
Rubies are awarded at login:

Many new changes are coming
in the 2019-2020 school year!

• Admin roads now make players run twice as fast.
• After 10 inappropraite language warnings students are kicked from the server (Instead of going to jail).
• Escaping from jail now teleports you back to jail.
• New Jail has been built.
• SmartShops have been redesigned and now have sounds.
• Teleporters now have a better looking animated texture
• Preferred Name in INOW is used instead of First Name
• Emeralds are awarded automatically (“Buy Emeralds” button removed)
• Emeralds are no longer inventory items. Stored in database instead
• New Currency: Rubies
• The database has been cleard for the next school year
• The database structure has been redesigned to make it faster
• The Website is now using HTTPS (SSL) encryption!

All of the textures have been updated to a 16x16 pixel texture pack.
This should improve the look and feel of the game without affecting performance too much.

Example of new textures/graphics:

The number of emeralds awarded per AR point has changed.
Grade K = 50 Emeralds per AR Point
Grade 1 = 8 Emeralds per AR Point
Grade 2 = 6 Emeralds per AR Point
Grade 3 = 5 Emeralds per AR Point
Grade 4 = 4 Emeralds per AR Point
Grade 5 = 4 Emeralds per AR Point
Grades 6 & up = 3 Emeralds per AR Point

Last year’s News Items can be viewed here:
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Please remember that Read2Mine is not exactly like Minecraft; the gameplay may vary somewhat.