Players with the top 10% AR Points

 in their grade level (per school)

automatically receive a crown!

(Crowns are the only item that you get to keep for next year)

A new house has been built!

It can be purchased in the great library!

A new inventory slot has been created for head accessories!

You can now get hats for your character!

Buy them inside the Great Library!


The “Play from home” client is now ready for student use!

Visit today to download Read2Mine for your home computer!

Added 40 new player skins!

Homes now come with protection blocks!

No longer will your homes be vandalized! No more homes spawned inside of other homes!

The prices of homes and castles have been raised to account for the cost of the protection block(s).

Added 12 new player skins!

New house available for purchase in Tropical Paradise:


Tropical Paradise is here!
Loads of new content!
New area to explore!

Visit “Tropical Paradise” from the Great Library to purchase many new items.


NEW! Bikes are available for students to purchase!

Visit the Great Library to get one!



NEW! READ2MINE Instructional Video!




Press i to open your inventory

Place WOOD / LOG in the “Crafting” area. (Click and drag)

You then receive 4 wooden planks.



Right-Click your wooden planks into the “Crafting” area one on top of the other to craft sticks.


Make a crafting table! Right-click 4 wooden planks into your crafting area!



Place the Crafting Table down and use it to make even more items! Rightclick it to place it on the ground somewhere.

Then Right-click the crafting table: Now you have a larger crafting area.



Use your sticks and planks to make a wooden pickaxe. Pickaxes can be used to mine stone.


Now that you know how to craft things, look up more items in the Recipe Book!

The Recipe book lets you search for items or tools and tells you how to craft them:




After Mining some stone, you can make a better pickaxe using cobblestone! Cobblestone pickaxes mine faster and last longer.


If you mine some coal, you can make torches. Torches can be placed on a wall and let you see in dark places.

How to make torches:


Build a furnace! Then you can cook meat, or bake clay into bricks!

You can even bake sand into glass to make windows!

Crafting recipe for furnace


Use the furnace to turn iron ore that you have mined into iron ingots.

Any wood item or coal can be used as fuel.



Then use the iron ingots to make iron pickaxe, iron shovel, iron axe, iron sword, or iron armor:

Iron pickaxes mine stone faster, and don’t break easily.


Iron Axes chop trees faster:



Iron Armor protects you from damage:


You can also find LOTS MORE crafting recipes here:





Please remember that Read2Mine is not exactly like Minecraft, so some recipes will not be available.